And so it begins…

As I sit here writing this post in the bare room, that hasn’t even begun to look like a nursery, I think back to where I was a week ago and how so much has already changed in our fostering journey. Not only are we miles ahead of where we were a week ago in terms of accepting a child, but our hearts have already had the chance to fall in love with our first (potential) foster child placement. Yes, you heard me right…..we already have a  POTENTIAL placement and we’re not even licensed.

It all started on Wednesday of this past week. Our work week had already been crazy for both Josh and me and we were beginning to feel the stress of everything that comes with this time of year. Wednesday nights are our 3 hour foster class and so we were both thankful we were going to get a chance to be together for more than the 10 minutes we had seen each other over the past few days. I had planned on leaving straight from work to class but at 4 o’clock I realized that I had forgotten our training book at home. While driving home in the worst rain I’ve ever seen in my life my phone started beeping multiple times loudly. Considering I was about to have a panic attack from driving without being able to see anything in front of me I didn’t even look down to see who it was. Once I finally pulled into the driveway at home I checked my phone, not realizing everything in our lives was about to change.

As I read the words on the screen I was equally confused and curious. A family we know who are current foster parents said they might have our first placement and asked for me to call them. Knowing we weren’t licensed yet I responded back quickly saying we couldn’t accept children until we were licensed but thanks for thinking of us. The foster dad responded back explaining that they were currently caring for an 8 month old baby but would be transitioning the child out of their home around the same time we would be getting our license and they wanted to know if we were interested. At this point I couldn’t even think straight, partially because I never dreamed it would happen all this fast and because I had just walked up to my front door to see a mountain of packages awaiting my arrival that needed to be brought in.


This is what happens when you start buying furniture for the nursery. It starts to get out of hand!

As I left the house and made the drive to class, a million thoughts were racing through my mind. At this point I had told the foster family that I would need to talk to Josh and I would let them know. Class was hard to get through without getting distracted. I so badly just wanted to start talking to Josh but there wasn’t much time for that, especially since I was the one speaking to our class for 45 minutes about all the aspects of special education (another post for another day). Once class finally ended at 9 we decided to have some late night dinner to discuss everything.

After talking it over we realized that this was a great way to start our transition into fostering and parenting. We messaged the family back and told them we would love to take him if the opportunity presented itself (These cases change constantly, so we didn’t know if he would even be in care still in January). We told them we would love to take him for the day on Saturday to get to know him and see how well we all meshed together.

Finally Saturday came and I can truly say it was one of the most beautiful days of my life. We picked him up in the afternoon and he stayed with us until we dropped him off at bedtime. He is the most gentle, loving, and sweetest child I’ve ever seen. We spent the majority of the day adjusting to life with a new baby. Nessie, our 65 pound Goldendoodle, was more of a hassle than anything. It took one person to watch the baby and another to contain the dog! Although we were exhausted by the end of the day we were smitten with “Big E”! We knew right away that we wanted him to be our first placement if the opportunity was still there.

IMG_2438 (2)

Clearly we still need to “baby proof” our house. This was the normal position for at least one of us the entire time!

The thing with foster care is that everything is so unpredictable. We have already had the chance to fall in love with this precious boy but there’s no guarantee that he’ll even be placed in our home. There are trials and court appearances, things that happen to biological families, and lawyers that can change the course of a foster child’s life in mere seconds. With “Big E” we aren’t guaranteed that he’ll be ours. We won’t be licensed for at least another 2 months and there’s a high possibility he could go back to the biological family before then. No matter what, we know that it’s all in God’s timing and we ask for all of you to join us in prayer for this sweet boy. Pray that God allows whatever is best for “Big E” to happen. We know if he isn’t ours that the Lord has the perfect child lined up and we’re more than excited to see what the near future holds.

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