The Art of Waiting

“And sure enough even waiting will end…if you can just wait long enough.” -William Faulkner

I feel like those words seem to speak our lives recently. Waiting has become a part of our every day existence since we began this entire process to become foster parents. From waiting to the date of our first orientation, to waiting for our first training class (which got pushed back almost 3 weeks, meaning there was even MORE waiting), to finally waiting for our license to be approved, all of this waiting is honestly starting to drive me crazy. I had always heard that when becoming a foster parent be prepared for the unexpected to happen. What everyone seems to have also forgotten to mention was the fact that yes, things can change in a matter of seconds, but those seconds are probably going to take months or even years to get to! Needless to say, I think I need to start asking the Lord for some more patience!

Currently we are waiting on multiple things. First, we are waiting to hear the judge’s ruling on E’s trial. Being the naive, new foster momma I am, I assumed that judges made rulings immediately after hearing a trial, whether that’s criminal, civil, or family court. As I have just recently found out, that is seriously inaccurate. (Am I the only one who didn’t know this? I just assumed all information about the justice system was accurately portrayed on “Suits”….just kidding, kind of.) After hearing from E’s current foster family that it could take a couple days before a ruling was made, I was shocked. I mentioned something to my mom about it taking so long and she informed me that a few days was extremely quick, as some trials can take months to even YEARS for a decision to be reached (she works for a judge so I’m assuming her statement is more accurate than what I’ve learned from television).

Second, we are STILL waiting on our license to be approved. We submitted it for initial approval 2 weeks ago and I’ve been obsessively checking my email ever since. Towards the end of last week I became so impatient with not hearing anything that I finally resorted to posting on a Foster Parent Facebook page that I am a part of. A person who works for ChildNet (the state’s licensing agency) is a part of the group and offered to check on our file for us. She let us know that the person assigned to review our file was working on another file but should have ours finished by Tuesday of this week. She estimated it would take about another week before final approval once we submitted it back to ChildNet with corrections. After waiting 2 weeks I wasn’t getting my hopes up for hearing anything today but I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email at around 5:30 stating she received our file back. She said she had a few minor changes that needed to be made and she would send it off for final approval, hopefully making our official license date sometime this week!

File_001 (3)

This is the most beautiful piece of paper I’ve seen all week!

If everything continues in the direction it’s going it looks like we could have our first placement by this weekend! Both of the above mentioned things need to happen though before the transition with E could happen, so we are very much still in need of prayer. Here are some specific things we are asking prayer for:

  1. The trial verdict will be made in the best interest of E and we will know the outcome sooner rather than later
  2. Our license will be approved by Thursday of this week so we will know for sure we are taking E (or another placement if E doesn’t work out) before the weekend begins
  3. Peace and a calm spirit as we become full time parents
  4. All the logistics for daycare to be taken care of, especially our voucher to come in on time so we don’t have to pay the out of pocket cost
  5. For our nerves to be calmed and my anxiety to be nonexistent

We are so grateful to have a group of people surrounding us as we venture these unknown waters. We wouldn’t have been able to make it this far without all the love and support from all of you.


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