Hughes Mini Final 2017-5-2 copyHi! I’m Bailey and this is Josh, my husband. We have been married for 5 years and currently reside in South Florida with our three foster daughters and our crazy dog, Nessie. After suffering from infertility for over a year the Lord awoke us from our slumber and called us to this life of fostering. We began our journey in September of 2015 and received our first placement in January of 2016, a 10 month old little boy who we cared for for 13 months. In April of 2016 we decided to take in another placement, a 4 month old girl, who we said goodbye to in August of that same year, but we now are currently her Godparents ❤️. We have had a total of 9 placements. It’s a little chaotic around our house as we both work full time and care for the children who come into our home but we’re making it work and accepting the grace of the Lord on a daily basis. We know this path may not always be easy but it is my hope you will walk away from reading my words and see how taking risks and following a calling can be the best thing you’ll ever do.

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  1. Bailey, I would love if you could reach out to my daughter Jennifer Pope. She has dealt with infertility for 12 years now. She and her husband are very close to being licensed to be foster parents. They could potentially have children in their home within a month. If it would be okay with you I would like to give her your contact information as I’m sure you could have some valuable information for her. Please let me know! I guess I should have introduced myself first . My name is Lori Barlow. My husband is Ken, he used to be the interim pastor at Solid Rock before your Dad came.


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